Cost-effective news, blogs, social media, press releases and newsletters


Each e-newsletter includes all writing, plus:


*  Phone interview for story details

*  Copy amendments and approval

*  Picture research

*  Creating bespoke online newsletter

*  Uploading copy, images and links

*  Issuing to up to 1,000 recipients

*  Inputting your mailing list data

*  Hosting fees

*  Reporting success rates

Our fixed-fee web news packages include:


*  All story writing

*  Phone interview for story gathering

*  Copy amendments and approval

*  Picture research and sourcing

*  Uploading to your website

* Affordable solution for online news content


Web news starts at £150

E-newsletters from £450

Value package

Unique company

e-newsletter with six stories

Just £450

Superior package

Only £450

Eight 300-word stories to post each month on your site

Standard package

Four 300-word stories written and uploaded monthly

Only £250

Two 300-word stories for your business website

Value package

Only £150

A story each week

More news for less


e-newsletter with nine stories

Standard package

Just £600

Superior package

Bespoke business

e-newsletter with twelve stories

Just £725

No-hassle news

Budget solution

All writing included

Top-value package

If you prefer to supply your own copy, reduce all e-newsletter prices by 50%

We will come to your premises to source story details for 50p a mile extra